The Timbuktu Tale

Your Ultimate Escape


The Timbuktu Tale, a premier literary platform that aims to improve youth literacy in Ghana. We believe that everyone has a story inside of them – and given the opportunity, anyone can be an author and bring their imagination to life. It doesn’t matter what language you speak or what story you have to tell – you can improve literacy in our country by writing a timbtale.

A timbtale is a short piece of literature (up to 999 words) written at your leisure, ranging from a short story to a poem, to whatever you can imagine. It can be written by anyone – from famous authors to aspiring ones. Any age, any language, from anywhere – as long as you have a story to share, you can write a timbtale.

African stories have been overlooked for many generations. This bears a moral obligation for us to tell our own stories. Through our platform, authentic African narratives now have the opportunity to be witnessed by those who can empathize with it the most: other Africans.